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Colombia, Brazil and Peru target massive private investment

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E o Brasil, no final da fila…

Three of Latin America’s largest economies, Brazil, Colombia and Peru are targeting a total of US$ 40 billion of private investment in infrastructure over the next two years. The projects will cover the road, rail, air, port, energy and hydrocarbons sectors.

Peru has 51 projects worth US $9.9 billion that it plans to let as concessions. The majority of them – US$ 5.58 billion worth are in the energy and hydrocarbons sector. However, it is also hoping to attract private investments to the rail and agricultural sector. One of the rail projects under consideration is a new line from Cajamarca to Bayóvar to serve mines in the north of the country.

Colombia has four major initiatives in the pipeline worth an estimated US$ 30 billion, focussed on highways, ports, airports, railways and rivers navigation. The Ministry of Transportation estimates that some US$ 52 billion needs to be invested in the county’s infrastructure over the next ten years.

Brazil, the largest economy in the region plans to tender more than 5000 km of federal highways over the next two years. November is expected to see the start of construction on two projects totalling 1750 km, with an investment value of US$ 2.45 billion.

Written by Clarise Arduz – 29 Sep 2011

Procedência: @pppnews



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29/09/2011 às 17:07

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